N2 Aero provides high-performance cabin interior noise reduction systems and an expert cabin acoustics consulting service.

Products include thermal/acoustic insulation, environmental control system modifications, and extensively varied interior treatments specific to each interior component. N2 Aero evaluates every aircraft configuration independently to ensure the best fit noise reduction system. We are happy to provide a detailed technical, management, and financial proposal to you upon request. This proposal is intended not only to present the system, but to give you, the client, a better understanding of the expected noise environment in your aircraft and the nature of the noise control solutions available to you.

Services include all applied noise reduction efforts that are not appropriately solved with a physical product, such as acoustic testing, analysis, consulting, and design engineering. N2 Aero provides such services in order to be able to integrate effective noise reduction into all areas of the aircraft that need it.

Acoustics is not a "black art" as is commonly perceived, but instead a complex science for which a working understanding of the principles is not only possible, but important for the end user. We feel that an informed client is essential to making the best noise reduction system choice for the aircraft, and with that in mind, are committed to being your definitive source not only for the technology, but the understanding as well.

High-Performance Cabin Interior Noise Reduction Systems

N2 Aero's cabin interior noise reduction systems are designed to treat every noise source contributing to the interior sound pressure levels in the aircraft. Each system is provided as a uniquely configured installation kit that is created using a highly detailed yet tightly focused multi-stage process.

  Research and development of acoustic noise control methods
  Detailed analysis of the target aircraft
   In-Flight Analysis
   Ground Analysis as required
   Review of all data and parts to be installed in the aircraft for acoustic impacts they may have
  Identification and characterization of noise sources
  Design of noise reducing treatments for each noise source
  Development of complete engineering data set, including:
   Installation Drawings and Instructions
   Manufacturing Drawings and Data
   Illustrated Parts Catalogs
   Instructions for Continued Airworthiness
Guidance to the client for reducing noise present in out-of-scope items
Fabrication of noise reduction installation kits for each noise source or area of the aircraft
Application, management, and completion of FAA Supplemental Type Certification and Parts Manufacturer Approval and EASA STC Validation as required
   FAA Witnessed Compliance Testing for 25.853(a), 25.853(d), 25.856(a), 25.856(b)
On-site training and support liaison until the project is complete
In-flight acoustic analysis to determine the effectiveness of the noise reduction system per ISO 5129:2001
Refinements to problem areas, if any
Additional in-flight acoustic analyses to determine the effectiveness of the refinements
Provision of a detailed acoustic analysis report to the client

Expert Cabin Acoustics Consulting

N2 Aero also provides guidance and specialized engineering support to its clients who may have noise control problems that do not require an installation kit. Consulting is provided on a contract basis either as firm fixed-price or time and materials, as best suits the customer's need.

Consulting covers a range of specialized and applied acoustics issues, including air system design, cabin entertainment system noise reduction, galley equipment silencing, and general cabin acoustic environment guidance, and provides an efficient, effective means of resolving noise problems that are normally outside the scope of traditional engineering disciplines.

N2 Aero's consultant engineers have extensive and diverse experience on virtually all interior system types, including, to name a few:

  Air distribution and ventilation
  Equipment cooling
  Rapid decompression
  In-flight entertainment
  Water and waste
  Interior structures
  Active/deactivated doors
  Interior fit and finish

As the modern aircraft is a tightly integrated environment, this level of diversity is essential to ensure that the noise issues in the aircraft are comprehensively addressed.

Consulting is provided on a contract basis either as firm fixed-price or time and materials, as best suits the customer's need