Quality Management System

N2 Aero's Quality Management System meets the requirements of AS9100C. We are in the process of obtaining AS9100 registration.

It is additionally compliant with Title 14 CFR Part 21 Subpart K requirements for parts manufacturers. Parts Manufacturer Approval is applied for and obtained for all new and replacement products.

Project Liaison Team

N2 Aero maintains a highly skilled project liaison team headed by the Vice President of Customer Support. This team combines specialized acoustics knowledge with field management expertise to ensure rapid identification and resolution of technical difficulties as they arise. This team interfaces directly with the client's and N2 Aero's internal personnel to expedite any required technical support requests, materiel needs, and engineering changes.

N2 Aero's team is the most experienced "tiger team" in the industry when it comes to cabin interior noise.

Special Licenses and Permits

N2 Aero obtains FAA Supplemental Type Certification and Parts Manufacturer Approval from the Aircraft Certification Office and Manufacturing Inspection District Office, respectively, for each product sold.

N2 Aero also obtains EASA STC Validation on the FAA STCs upon request from the customer.

Additionally, N2 Aero provides Export Airworthiness Approval Tags (FAA Form 8130-3) for all parts sent out of the country, and can provide Domestic Airworthiness Approval Tags (also FAA Form 8130-3) as required by customer contract.

Key Managers

N2 Aero's strengths lie primarily in the substantial expertise of its two key members, Greg and Olen Nelson. Their sizeable experience in aviation and automotive noise reduction stems from over 20 years of work on interior noise reduction. They have experience with virtually every type of aircraft in service, from the smallest to the largest, and have had successful professional histories developing and engineering noise control systems.

Olen's background includes a long history of advanced materials development for numerous applications, including high-performance fire protection for apparel, archival systems, and defense projects. His extensive industry contact list gives him the unique ability to source and refine innovative materials technology from a wide range of sources. He has been involved in aircraft cabin noise reduction since 1988, when he began developing specialty coated materials with novel insulating properties. He has been instrumental in changing the aviation industry's perception of cabin noise, including by giving lectures on hearing health and safety. He is currently working to achieve the same result in the automotive industry.

Greg's background includes education in chemistry and chemical analysis prior to his fifteen years of experience in the aviation industry. He has combined his extensive knowledge of FAA and EASA regulations with his technical background to create efficient ways to package material technology for use in the aviation industry. He and Olen work as a team to develop and refine each noise reduction system until it represents the optimum balance of performance, weight, and cost.

Greg's business expertise gives N2 Aero a strong operational foundation. He has previously developed quality management systems for first-time FAA Production Approval Applicants, and has been a FAA Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative. He has also managed long-term, multi-million dollar commercial contracts for both government and civilian programs. Furthermore he has developed and implemented testing procedures and facilities for both acoustics and flammability. His knowledge of information technology has allowed him to create innovative small-business resource management and automation tools that reduce substantially both the resources required to comply with AS9100 requirements and the time between initial design and prototype completion, allowing the company to be both lean and extremely flexible in meeting complex and demanding customer requiremnts.