N2 Aero will take a commanding lead in the interior noise reduction market by constantly researching and developing new technologies and rapidly making them available to the market. While remaining thus committed to continuous technology improvement and advancement, N2 Aero will constantly strive to create the next "quantum leap" in thermal/acoustic control technology, in order to create and maintain an industry perception as the technology leader.

Key Company Principles

N2 Aero is guided by strict adherence to the following basic company principles in all of its business dealings.
  Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency
  Corporate Accountability
  Attention to Detail
  Customer Focus

Satisfying the Needs of the Market

The current industry outlook is for even more advancement in interior technology and even quieter base aircraft. Rather than reducing the need for acoustic noise reduction, these advancements have encouraged owners and operators to demand even quieter, higher-performance aircraft, to the order of approximately 2dB every 2-3 years.

Completion centers and aircraft owner/operators need a packaged solution that provides a high probability of success in achieving desired sound levels within the aircraft. As many of them are unfamiliar with the regulatory requirements specific to the various noise control elements, they also need to ensure that the solution provided meets all FAA requirements. Any failure to meet performance or regulatory requirements would cause a schedule delay, cost increase, weight increase, or any combination thereof, and thus the possibility of such an occurrence can constitute a major program risk.

N2 Aero is committed to providing noise control solutions that provide the highest performance while minimizing such risks.